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Votruba Leather Goods carries a wide mix of luggage, travel items, leather goods, games, manicure sets, Swiss army knives, globes and briefcases!

If you are planning a vacation, traveling for business or looking for a gift for a friend or family member, Votruba Leather Goods is THE store for you!


Briggs and Riley luggage and briefcases (baseline, transcend, BRX, and Sympatico are the lines), Dilana Leather Duffle Bags, Totes and Briefcases, Ricardo Luggage, Delsey Luggage


We have an extensive line of briefcases.   If you are looking for something durable for work or a gift for somebody come to Votruba Leather Goods!

Ladies' Handbags

We have a large selection of handbags for women.  Come in and check them out!  Baggallini women’s purses is our most popular brand!
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  • Do you do Monograming? Yes, we offer free monogramming on select leather goods.
  • Can I lock my luggage? Yes, you can if you use TSA approved locks which we sell.
  • What’s the size of a domestic carry on? 22 14/9’ but check with the airline that you are flying with as they do vary.
  • What types of leather do you carry? We carry top grain leather which is the most durable leather out there!
  • What’s the weight limit on checked luggage? 50 pounds is standard but check with your airline to be sure.
  • Do I need a converter to charge my phone, camera or iPhone? No, but you do need an adapter plug which allows you to plug into the overseas outlet
  • Do I need a converter to plug in my blower dryer, strainer, curling iron or electric razor? Yes, unless it is a dual voltage appliance. Overseas voltage is 220 and ours is 110 which is why you need a converter to convert the voltage down to 110.
  • What liquids can I carry on my carry on? All liquids need to be 3 oz. or less and fit into a 1 quart container.
  • Do you repair luggage? We do repairs on the luggage that we sell but not on luggage that we don’t sell because the parts are not universal.
  • What’s your most popular luggage size? To stay under the 50 pound limit for checked luggage the 24 inch is the most popular size. Carryon’s are also very popular!
  • What’s the most popular brand of luggage that you carry? Briggs & Riley because the pieces are extremely well engineered and contain durable materials and all carry the lifetime no-matter-what warranty.
  • What should I do if I notice that my bag is damaged with the airlines? File a claim with the airlines before you leave the airport if you notice any damage to you bag.
  • How do I protect my new chip credit cards? We sell the RFID wallets and sleeves to protect your credit cards and passport.
  • What’s the best way to protect my laptop while traveling? Most of our briefcases that we sell have a padded dedicated computer pocket.

Votruba Leather Goods Brands!

Briggs and Riley luggage and briefcases (baseline, transcend, BRX, and Sympatico are the lines), Dilana Leather Duffle Bags, Totes and Briefcases,  Ricardo Luggage, Delsey Luggage, Bosca Billfolds, Baggallini women’s purses, travel accessories, Osgood Marley men’s and women’s billfolds and ladies hand bags, Chess sets, healthy back hand bags, Athalon duffle bags and Scottivest-The original 24 pocket travel vest.